Define processes and responsibilities

Intuitive drag-and-drop process editor

Create complex processes in minutes with our powerful process editor which is easy and intuitive to use. No need for technical coding knowledge or engineering time.

Flexible, powerful process components

With Next Matter, you’re able to easily model your current business activities using our powerful process components, meaning your team doesn’t have to change the way they work for the sake of a new tool.

Process updates implemented in real-time

Updates and improvements to your processes are implemented and shared with the team instantly, with no need for consultants or technical knowhow.

Contextual work instruction when it’s needed

Share information and contextual instruction along with every process step to ensure that work is completed correctly, with nothing left to slip through the cracks.

Review and decision checkpoints

Set points in every process where work can be reviewed and any feedback shared in order to ensure that work is progressing as intended.

Clear responsibilities

Assign task responsibilities to colleagues or teams, manually or automatically.

Process privacy management

Control who can see and access sensitive processes and process information, depending on needs of your team.

Integrate with the tools that your team uses today

Mirror and enhance your current day-to-day workflows by connecting and integrating with your existing systems through links, APIs or webhooks.

Conditional process steps

Create dynamic, intelligent process workflows that adapt to work results based on pre-defined conditions.

Automatic process versioning

Track the changes of your processes over time with Next Matter’s automatic versioning functionality.


Execute & track progress

Get work done on-the-go or in the field

Complete process work on Next Matter from any mobile device - anywhere, anytime.

Live process updates

See real-time updates for all process activities as they happen, live on any device.

Integrate with suppliers and customers

Model your processes on real-world workflows and interactions between your organization and your suppliers and customers.

Set deadlines and priorities

Highlight, set and change the urgency or deadline of specific process instances depending on the requests of your customers or business’ needs.


Ensure your team are notified via their preferred channel when work is assigned to them.


Achieve & report results

Transparent process activity tracking

See how specific processes are progressing, including an overview of which steps are currently open, who’s working on them and what’s been completed this week.

Process and organization dashboards

See how specific processes and your organization as a whole are progressing on a weekly and all-time basis.

Export process data

Process data can be exported to aid analysis with your team.

Archive of completed processes

Access the entire process archive to understand and analyze past decisions

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