Record how your team works today

Next Matter enables you to provide clear work instructions and all relevant contextual information to your team where and when they need it.

Digitize your unique 
processes in minutes

Build your own processes from scratch in minutes with Next Matter's easy to use process builder, or dive straight in using our best practice process templates.

Provide detailed work 
instructions and data

Ensure that your team always has the right information at their fingertips by capturing data as the process develops.

Define clear roles and responsibilities for the 
people and teams involved

Provide full clarity about who should do what by when with pre-defined responsibilities. Teams can work on tasks together and balance their workload as needed.


Connect customers, systems & suppliers

Next Matter fits right into your existing system landscape, and that of your suppliers and customers without customization.

Connect everyone and 
everything involved

Ensure your processes are connected with everyone involved - from suppliers, all the way to end customers.

Integrate the software and systems you already use

Create links from Next Matter, export data for further use or trigger Next Matter processes based on events in other tools.

Why is Next Matter the best way to 
manage your business?

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