Recruitment Process

Attract, evaluate, and convert your best talent with a stress-free recruiting and hiring process that integrates with your HR operating system

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Integrates with
  • Google Sheets
  • Personio
  • DocuSign
  • BambooHR
  • Slack
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End-to-end recruitment in 5 complete, integrated phases

  • Prepare role, setup and launch candidate sourcing (create job description, upload JD, post job listings, etc)
  • Collect basic candidate information for all stakeholders (CV, references, motivation letter, portfolio, etc.)
  • Screen candidate against role requirements and prepare decision to interview
  • Plan and conduct interviews, gather feedback and progress to next stage with final round candidates
  • Create offer, orchestrate follow-ups and contract signing, and handover to onboarding workflow.

Business best practices applied in this process

Clear instruction = less confusion

Centralize and automate knowledge sharing using process steps, including candidate information, interview feedback, and stakeholder decisions. Less time spent following-up equals more time focused on finding quality candidates.

Keep it a stress-free experience

Keep your team communications consistent, explain the process in detail, and be transparent about upcoming steps to ensure a less stressful and more genuine candidate experience.

Be fast, but thorough

Recruiting doesn’t have to last a lifetime. Use scheduling and notifications to keep stakeholders on track and accountable, and keep progress moving to get to the right candidates faster.

Why teams love it

“After three full rounds of interviews, I felt extremely confident that our finalist candidate was absolutely the right one. And because the process was so incredibly smooth, the candidate felt the exact same way about joining us.”


“The thing I value most about potential new hires is the ‘get shit done’ attitude. Automating our recruiting process was a natural fit for attracting candidates like that.”


“Cultural fit is paramount for us. We needed a system to evaluate candidates as their most authentic selves - not distracted by the stress of the process. By automating the coordination, we freed up our candidates and internal stakeholders to show up as they normally would: as themselves.”


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